About PFS Cleaning Supplies

PFS Supplies – Cleaning & Hygiene (Professional Facility Supplies) is a company that sell a full range of chemical products for home and business from wash up liquids, cleaning chemicals, consumables, cleaning machines to car cosmetics. We have an access to vacuum cleaners, home and office cleaning equipment and much more. We have a common brand in our stock but also, we brought to the market new products from Cormen Hygiene, including brands like: Krystal, Cleamen, Isofa and Isolda. These are not only cleaning chemicals, some of the products are hand soaps, hard hand soaps, and hand creams to protect each other in the workplace.

Our assortment ranges from the small essential products like hand soaps and sanitisers. The range on our site also includes soap dispensers and soap dispenser refills which are the most convenient and money wise option for workplaces with 5+ employees. We also offer various types of toilet paper and hand towel dispensers and refills for such. The range that we carry allows finding the right dispenser both for small offices as well as for large work environments. Our offer also includes toilet rolls, tissues and kitchen towels which come in bulk packaging but do not require using dispensers with them.

Another group of products that we offer are various types of cleaning agents – we supply all the necessary products to clean surfaces, floors, bathrooms and kitchens. For bathroom cleaning you can choose among toilet cleaners, washroom cleaners and disinfectants. We also offer multipurpose, floor, kitchen and glass cleaners and also furniture polish products.

To be able to fully take care of your home or office it is necessary to have the proper equipment. Here at PFS Cleaning Supplies we stock a complete selection of products like floor mops and buckets, brushes and dustpans, vacuum cleaners, power washers and cleaning trolleys. So that you can have a well organised management system within your company we also offer a wide range of bins that includes basic desk bins, indoor and outdoor bins, recycling bins, wheelie bins, ashtrays and refuse sacks.

Since computer equipment is an essential part of any company, we have a dedicated category which incorporates various types of computer cleaning products – air dusters, screen cleaning wipes, cleaning foams and liquids, telephone cleaners, etc. The products mentioned earlier are just a small part of the range of over 600 cleaning products available on cleaningsupplies.ie. Browse them and find the right product for your home or business.

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