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Clinex Delos Shine Furniture Cleaner 1L

4.06 (4.99 incl. 23% VAT)
Furniture Cleaner - For use on all wooden and laminate furniture and surfaces Leaves a gloss finish giving surfaces a fresh look Forms an anti-static layer preventing accumulation and build-up of dust Effectively removes dust, dirt and finger prints from surfaces Leaves cleaned surfaces shiny and smooth Leaves a long lasting pleasant scent

Clinex Floral Citro Floor Cleaner 5L

8.95 (11.01 incl. 23% VAT)
  • A lemon scented general floor Cleaner.
  • Excellent cleaning properties which effectively clean floors and leave a shined effect.
  • For daily care and cleaning of all types of water-resistant floors.
  • It evaporates quickly, leaving no streaks or residue.
  • It protects the surface and delays the process the accumulation and build-up of dirt.
  • Leaves a pleasant and long-lasting lemon fragrance.
  • Regular use aids the process of subsequent cleaning, essentially improving the floor and easing the level of labour required to achieve a high standard of cleaning.
  • An environmentally safe product.

Clinex Green Eco Friendly Floor Cleaner 1L

5.06 (6.22 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Eco Friendly Floor Cleaner which is EU Ecolabel certified.
  • Ecological, concentrated,  and a very effective and efficient chemical.
  • Intended for the daily care of all waterproof floors, such as: ceramic floors, PVC, linoleum, marble, rubber, terracotta, tiles, panels and varnished wood.
  • It evaporates quickly, leaves no streaks or residue.
  • Delays the accumulation and build-up of dirt on floors after cleaning.
  • It gives the cleaned surfaces a delicate shine, whilst leaving a long-lasting pleasant scent.

Clinex M9 Strong Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L

15.88 (19.53 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner
  • Concentrated agent with high cleaning properties
  • Thoroughly cleans and high effective on heavily soiled surfaces
  • Removes Stubborn Dirt and build ups of Cleaning agent residues
  • Can be used manually with a mop or with a scrubber dryer or buffer
  • Supplied: 1 x 5 Litre Bottle of Detergent

Clinex S5 Heavy Duty Degreaser

18.60 (22.88 incl. 23% VAT)
  • A Highly concentrated Universal cleaner and Degreaser
  • Highly effective in removing all types of stubborn Dirt.
  • Can be used for deep cleaning and as a daily cleaner
  • Multitude of applications, can be used to degrease floors, car parts, engines and mechanical components.
  • Supplied : 1  x 5 Litre of Chemical

EVANS Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer 5L

11.00 (13.53 incl. 23% VAT)
Perfumed Floor Maintainer
  • Removes scuff marks and restores gloss finish
  • Increases slip resistance and polish durability
  • Suitable for damp mopping and spray burnishing
  • Contains a fresh, floral perfume

Taski Jontec Forward Floor Cleaner 5 Litre x 2

49.16 (60.47 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Taski Jontec Forward Floor Cleaner 5 Litre x 2
  • Effective combination of surfactants and alkaline chemicals.
  • Low foaming, fast acting, good emulsifying power.
  • Versatile application.
  • Heavy duty, alkaline floor cleaner specifically developed for use in scrubber driers.
  • Its low foaming formula removes heavy soil, dirt and grease from all water resistant, non protected hard floors (except unsealed wood).
  • Also ideal for top stripping.
  •  Effective combination of surfactants and alkaline chemicals.
  • Low foaming, fast acting, good emulsifying power.
  • Versatile application.
  • Formulated to prepare floors for top coating.
  • Fresh fragrance Benefits.
  • Very good cleaning performance on all types of water resistant hard floors.
  • Effectively cleans and removes dirt, grease and maintenance product buildup.
  • Ideal for use in scrubber driers, single disc machines and wet mopping systems.
  • Excellent top stripper, enables better adhesion of additional coats .
  • Leaves a pleasant, fresh odour.
  • Supplied - 2 x 5 Litre Bottles

Taski Sprint 200 Pur-Eco Multipurpose Cleaner 5 Litre x 2

42.52 (52.30 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Taski Sprint 200 Pur-Eco Multipurpose Cleaner 5 Litre x 2
  •  pH neutral at in use dilution
  • Fast acting, fast drying •
  • Based on an effective combination of alcohol and surfactants derived from natural vegetable sources to minimize the impact on the environment and ensure safer use
  • Unified fresh fragrance throughout the Pur-Eco range Benefits
  • Suitable for use on water-resistant hard surfaces, including windows, mirrors, glazed ceramics as well as plastic surfaces
  • Leaves surfaces free of marks and streaks
  • Excellent removal of fingermarks as well the spot treatment of other slightly adherent soils
  • Leaves a pleasant lime scent in all cleaned areas
  • Supplied - 2 x 5 Litre Bottles