EVANS Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer 5L

11.00 (13.53 incl. 23% VAT)
Perfumed Floor Maintainer    
  • Removes scuff marks and restores gloss finish
  • Increases slip resistance and polish durability
  • Suitable for damp mopping and spray burnishing
  • Contains a fresh, floral perfume


The floor can serve us for many years, but in order for it to happen, we must properly care for it.

Otherwise, even the most expensive and resistant floor coverings may be damaged or change colour.

The floor, like everything we use, requires regular cleaning and proper care.

If such information was not included in the package, we should ask the seller for it or look for it on the manufacturer’s website.


Floor coverings should be regularly vacuumed and washed with appropriate agents.

In relation to some coverings, it may also be advisable to occasionally apply care agents to their surface.

Both the manufacturers of floor coverings and care products recommend using the product on an invisible part before the first use of a given substance.

Especially in the case of carpets, it is worth carrying out such a test and make sure that the colour does not change under the influence of the agent.

This is important because it may turn out that a given agent is aggressive enough for a given floor covering that it causes its discoloration.