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Krystal – Furniture Polish

3.30 (4.06 incl. 23% VAT)
Krystal leaves the wooden surface clean and dry. Suitable for greasy and dusty surface. Despite the alcohol in the composition, this product has a pleasant and fresh smell.  You can use Krystal at home, office and everywhere else.

Mr. Sheen Multi Surface Polish 300ML

2.30 (2.83 incl. 23% VAT)
Mr. Sheen Polish is the quick and convenient way to clean and shine your wood, glass, plastic, stainless steel, paintwork or tiles. It is not only designed to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges quickly and easily without smearing, but also to help protect your surfaces from stains and dust.  

FURNITURE POLISH PRODUCT is a substance that you put on the surface of a piece of furniture in order to clean it and make it shine.

I cleaned and polished the table with furniture polish.

Use furniture polish to shine your wood and furniture.

The furniture polish removes finger marks and dirt from most surfaces.

What is the purpose FURNITURE POLISH PRODUCT ?
The main purpose behind furniture polish is to give the wood protection against typical damage. Abrasions occur on the wood, for example, if you slide a plate with a small chip on its base across the table. Polish protects the table from scratching.
How often should you polish your wooden furniture?
Every six weeks is often enough to use polish, they agree. Furniture polish contains water, while waxes contain naphtha, and both can raise a wood veneer over time, Hodges said. “You want a nice, hand-rubbed look in furniture, but furniture can be marred when you rub it, even with some kinds of rags,” he said. 
What is wood polish?
Polishing wood is an easy DIY project that leaves woods moisturized and protected from the elements and regular wear. Raw wood accents look great, but using a lacquer, varnish, or an oil solution to polish your wood will enhance the natural colors and leave a beautiful finish.