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EVANS Est-eem Cleaner & Sanitiser 750ml

4.72 (5.81 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Ready-to-use, multi-purpose cleaner and terminal disinfectant
  • For food contact surfaces, floors, walls and equipment
  • Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time
  • Passes EN 14476 against enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus

EVANS Lift Heavy Duty Degreaser 750ml

3.20 (3.94 incl. 23% VAT)
EVANS Lift Heavy Duty Degreaser are Available in a Ready to Use formulation supplied in 750ml trigger spray bottles. Approved for ALTRO & POLYFLOR flooring.

Evans Low Foam-Light 5L

10.45 (12.85 incl. 23% VAT)
Multi Surface Cleaner
  • For combination machines and general cleaning
  • Removes general soiling with one pass of the machine
  • Ideal for sports halls, supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Unperfumed, suitable for use in food preparation areas

EVANS Versatile General Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L

9.50 (11.69 incl. 23% VAT)
For use on a variety of hard surfaces including vinyl, rubber, concrete, fibreglass, glass, paintwork, plastic, ceramics & vitreous enamel

Multi Purpose Degreaser 5L

15.90 (19.56 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Physical State - Clear Liquid.
  • Colour - Blue.
  • Odour – Distinctive Lemon
  • Solubility - 100% Soluble in Water.
  • Flashpoint - None.
  • Size : 5 Litre
  • Density - 1.05kg/dm3


Window, Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

  • Highly efficient cleaner for use in a trigger spray
  • Quickly removes grime, leaving a sparkling and streak free finish
  • Especially effective on finger marks in lifts and surrounds
  • For a variety of other surfaces, including chrome, plastic, computer keyboards, glass screens and surrounds

Contains alcohol to remove heavy grime and rapidly evaporates from the surface.

Cleans quickly & very effectively.

Suitable for cleaning various surfaces including chrome, plastic, computer
keyboards, glass screens, ceramic, porcelain & mirrors.

Especially effective in cleaning stainless steel equipment & removing finger marks from lifts and surrounds.


This alcohol based glass and window cleaner can be used to deep clean and polish all types of glossy surfaces.

Highly recommended for deep cleaning dirty windows, glass tables, mirrors, polished floors, commercial stainless steel frames and profiles, chrome, polished plastic and others.

The product evaporates instantly and will leave any surface streak free and spotless.

Many office cleaning companies use the product to clean TVs screens, computer screens & keyboards.

Outstanding results guaranteed.

Contains a blend of alcohol, glycol ether, anionic
surfactant and dye.