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Kitchen Towel White Leaf Ultra 3 ply (12rolls)

15.72 (19.34 incl. 23% VAT)

The White Leaf Ultra Kitchen Towel is a product that will not only allow you to perfectly clean any dirt and spilled liquids,

Product specification: Sheet Size: 225mm x 225mm Ply: 3 ply Material: 100% Pure Cellulose Roll Length: 20 Meters Sheet Count: 90 Case Qty: 6 x 2 ( 12 rolls ) 100% Irish produced Product  

Vinyl Gloves Blue Powder Free

Vinyl gloves offer superior durability to rips, overstretching and punctures that provides long-lasting protection. Ideal for use On any Areas everyday .

Vinyl Gloves Clear Powdered

4.75 (5.84 incl. 23% VAT)
Powdered vinyl gloves are pre-powdered for increasing the user's comfort and perspiration absorption, and are ideal for keeping hands clean and chemical free.