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Dustpan and Brush

  • The dust pan & brush set features a bonded rubber strip to ensure all dirt is picked up first time.
  • A serrated edge is present to easily remove any soiling from the hand brush.
  • The hand brush is complete with soft black bristles ideal for clearing fine particles from floors and also surfaces.
  • Both the dustpan and brush are available in the four hygiene colours.

Lobby Dustpan And Brush

  • Removes the need to Bend down when collecting debris and reduces the risk of potential back strain.
  • Features cover to prevent contents falling out.
  • Broom handle is complete with a bracket to keep attached to the dustpan to ensure it doesn’t fall over. Reducing a trip hazard and allowing safe, tidy storage.
  • Comes in a choice of 4 colours, to ensure colour coding is adhered to.
  • Constructed from tough and durable plastic.