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Heavy Duty Mop Bucket – Blue

14.45 (17.77 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Heavy Duty Mop Bucket - Blue
  • Large, heavy-duty colour-coded mop bucket
  • Built in Wringer Suitable for standard socket mop heads
  • Conveniently sign written either side with "Caution Wet Floor" signage
  • Constructed from tough and durable hard wearing plastic
  • Colour Coded to ensure no cross contamination occurs whilst used on-site

Kentucky Mop Holder – Blue

4.48 (5.51 incl. 23% VAT)
This style of mop has a much longer yarn and is stitched in the middle using a polyester band to secure the fibres and maintain shape

Mop Handle Aluminium Blue

5.65 (6.95 incl. 23% VAT)
  • Strong nylon screw thread for connection
  • Improved quality with longer grip
  • Colour-coded for area-specific cleaning
  • Made of strong anodised aluminium
  • Colour: Blue
  • Height: 120cm