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Mop Bucket Standard 15 Litre

  • Mop Bucket suited for standard mops and socket mops ranging from 200grams - 300grams.
  • Large raised cone wringer.
  • The bucket features a pouring lip and fixed handle.
  • Available in the 4 hygiene colours to ensure colour coding is adhered to.

Socket Mop Head Twine 210gram x 10

  • Socket Mop Twine 210gram (7.4oz)
  • Our range of twine socket mops are absorbent and offer a longer life.
  • Ideally suited for smaller areas and for those hard to reach areas.
  • They are fitted with our ‘Swift’ easy fit socket which is also compatible with most handles, simply push in a wooden handle or create your own thread by screwing in an aluminum handle.
  • Twine mops offer extra durability and are effective even on rough surfaces.
  • Our Socket mops are available in a range of colours to ensure colour coding is adhered to and prevents cross contamination.
  • Supplied in a quantity of 10 Mops.