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Milton Disinfecting Fluid 5 Litre

18.70 (23.00 incl. 23% VAT)
  • An aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite and 16.5% sodium chloride. It goes through a purification process that ensures complete removal of all heavy metal ions, which would normally act as a catalyst to chemically break down many hypochlorites
  • Expertly developed to sterilise items in only 15 minutes
  • Milton contains sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite, and kills almost all viruses, bacteria and fungi in 15 minutes.
  • Kill 99.9% of germs
  • No need to rinse The solution works for 24 hours
  • It is also suitable for sanitizing use in catering environments, washing fruit and vegetables, meat and chopping boards.
  • It is suitable for disinfecting bottles, plastic bedding and protective clothing, thermometers and bed-pans. It is kind enough to use as a burn and wound antiseptic, and can even be safely applied to medical instruments designed for intravenous bodily use
  • Supplied - 1 x 5 Litre Bottle of Solution